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Ann Kathryn hails from Duluth, Minnesota. She serves up driven piano melodies and lyrics that are equal parts melancholic and empowering, delivered by her rich, powerful vocals.

In April 2019 Ann Kathryn released her debut solo album "Entr'acte", recorded at the Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ann Kathryn performs live shows with George Ellsworth, Duluth-based artist who compliments her sound with bass and guitar, and Dominic McFadden, Minneapolis-based musician who completes the trio with soulful lead guitar. The group is occasionally joined by French horn player, Brian Bluhm, who adds some lovely brass to the ensemble.

For booking inquiries, contact annkathrynmusic@gmail.com

Stream  Ann Kathryn's album "Entr'acte" here:





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